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黃寶石戒指💍Yellow Sapphire - 檸檬

黃寶石戒指💍Yellow Sapphire - 檸檬





    - 主石:黃寶石 (5x4mm)

    - 副石:鋯石

    - 石重: 3YS 1.35CT

    - 材質: 925純銀

    - 925純銀 防敏感材質 適合各位配戴

    - 附送高質抹銀布

    - 各種網上付款


    We are very pleasure to provide you with diamond jewellery repair and maintenance services. As long as customers contact our shop or send us an email, we will evaluate your diamond jewellery repairs according to your needs. When the evaluation is approved, you will bring the goods to our Stores, our colleagues will deliver the goods that need repairs here.

    (If the goods to be repaired are purchased at JM Shopnet, please present the sales invoice and the goods)

    ​The repair and maintenance service is not limited to the length of the product. We strive to repair the diamond jewelry that has been in disrepair for our customers.

    Whether the goods can be repaired depends on the style and damage of the goods. In addition, some styles may be different from the original appearance after repair, so be sure to contact our store for professional inspection by professionals to understand the situation. In addition, if you need to add gold, add accessories, or replace accessories, the relevant cost depends on the actual situation of the product and maintenance. For details, please check with the store staff. We reserve the right to change or cancel the after-sales service at any time.

    *​Please note the following maintenance terms:There is no maintenance service for all 925 sterling silver products*


    Before shipment, we will check the quality of all products. Although we will do our best to ensure that the product is delivered to you in the correct state, it may cause damage to the product during the delivery process. If this happens, please return the damaged or wrong product by simply contacting.

    ​We will only exchange if you receive a damaged, defective or incorrect product. We will arrange for you to exchange products in our online store. Please make a reservation confirmed by the staff before you enter our online store.

    ​All products must be unworn and in good condition, and all accompanying accessories must be included. After receiving the return application and the returned goods, we need 3-5 working days for processing and inspection of the goods.

    The price of the replaced goods must be equal to or higher than the returned goods. If the customer replaces the higher-priced goods, the difference will be made up, and the customer shall bear all the costs incurred by the returned goods, including all mailing fees and taxes.

    For overseas customers, we will resend the product in the same form as the original shipping method used for the purchase. The shipping cost is determined by the total amount originally scheduled. Our staff will first contact you and inquire about the shipping cost.

    ​The product must include any original packaging, spare parts and JM labels.

    Only when the product is sold out, we will refund the value of the product in the form of payment originally used for the purchase.

    If you receive defective or incorrect items, please use your JM member account or any of JM SHOPNET's contact methods to contact JMSHOPNET.COM.

    1. Account name

    2. Order number

    3. Contact number

    The refunded orders need to deduct the shipping and handling fees incurred in this order. For the free shipping and preferential orders, the cost is calculated based on the actual shipping costs incurred.
    Calculated from the time we receive your return package, please budget 4-6 weeks for us to submit a refund application and refund the payment.

    Please note that if you do not follow the correct return instructions, we will not be able to refund.

    ​Order-made goods, special-priced goods, and goods marked as non-returnable are non-refundable.

    ​*If the replacement product does not meet our guidelines, JM Shopnet has the right to refuse to return and replace the product. In case of any disputes, JM Shopnet shall have the final decision. *

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